Meet Molly

Welcome! My name is Molly Ritzo.

I love to cook and garden. I come from a long line of great cooks! My Italian grandmother, mother, and aunts all share a natural talent for the art. Cooking has always been a part of my life.

Growing up, family dinners were an event almost every night. We would all participate in the cooking and harvesting of fresh herbs and vegetables from the gardens. We would pick out music from my parents album collection with great ceremony, set the table with linen napkins and beautiful dishes, light candles, mix jugs of juice, prepare for the feast. We would play music, sing, dance, and cook. This has absolutely steered my love of cooking and a loyalty to this beautiful area in rural Western Maine.

After high school I spent a brief but hugely influential couple of years in the Caribbean. Living on St John, in the USVI, I found jobs cooking, waiting tables, and landscaping. The access to fresh Caribbean seafood, spices, native fruits and produce was hugely exciting. I had bananas, mangos, and coconuts growing in my back yard. In the town of Coral Bay, I lived below a local farmer named Josephine, who’s mountainside gardens grew a bounty of fruits and vegetables. Her farm and gardens were truly inspiring and I think of them often.

When the trip was through, I settled in Southern Maine, attending culinary school at Southern Maine Community College. My training at school combined with years of service at a busy waterfront restaurant prepared me for my next move…food trucking!

MollyMeet Molly